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Maintenance Visits

Avoid the cost of call-outs and downtime with proactive maintenance visits for common, quick-fix issues.

At Sherwoods, we know the critical role that proactive maintenance can play in the seamless operation of your commercial space. When downtime isn’t an option for your equipment, systems, or the building itself, our planned Proactive Maintenance Visits (PMV) are designed to anticipate and address potential or non-urgent issues before they impact your business.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer testing a fusebox

Scheduled proactive maintenance visits

An image of a female Sherwoods engineer servicing a water heater

As part of your Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract, we can visit you for a monthly Proactive Maintenance Visit (PMV) to do certain smaller, non-urgent PPM-related tasks. So, for a fixed cost, you can choose a monthly attendance level appropriate to your needs, bundle some of your smaller tasks together, and our team will get them sorted for you.

Your PMV aims to reduce any reactive or emergency visits you might need throughout the year by fixing any common or recurring issues before they become big problems and ensuring your facilities function smoothly, staying ahead of potential challenges

What’s covered in a proactive maintenance visit?

While our visits are helpful for businesses of any size or sector, they’ve proven popular for more extensive commercial businesses and those with a higher footfall or frequent use. On any PMV, we’re there to tackle the type of jobs that aren’t worthy of a reactive or emergency callout but also fall outside of the remit of what we do for you in your PPM contract. Typical PMV tasks might include:


  • Lighting and emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm and extinguisher servicing
  • Dripping taps or cracked tiles
  • Door hinges, handles, latches, or closers
  • Minor health and safety and EHO issues
  • Small patch repairs
An image of a Sherwoods engineer fitting new lighting
An image of a Sherwoods engineer's toolbag

We’ll also look to see if there’s anything else we can repair while we’re with you on-site as part of your PMV. And if you spot any issues when we’re not there that you think we can work on, just tell us, and we’ll add it to the list to get sorted next time we’re with you.

If you’re short-staffed or don’t have the internal FM capability, our team can take care of it and ensure the issue is solved and the right box is ticked.