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PPM and Compliance

Planned preventative maintenance to increase the efficiency and resilience of your business with regulatory compliance

All Sherwoods’ comprehensive Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service contracts are entirely bespoke to every customer and protect businesses by having a transparent, minimum quality standard that suits your needs, requirements, and budget. Sherwoods take an ‘added-value’ approach to your maintenance while guaranteeing asset protection and compliance with all regulatory standards and industry regulations

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Planned preventative maintenance

An image of a Sherwoods engineer working on an external air-conditioning unit

In facilities maintenance (FM), PPM means pre-scheduling maintenance tasks to avoid potential issues while your building and assets are fully operational. PPM is a planned, strategic approach to hard FM and is at the heart of everything we do at Sherwoods.

Avoiding the conventional “fix-it-when-it’s-broken” mindset, scheduling regular inspections, servicing, and repairs ensures your facility’s critical systems and equipment operate at peak efficiency, minimising downtime, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the risk of unexpected disruptions. Every Sherwoods PPM service contract offers you the following:

  • Bespoke PPM schedules for HVAC systems, electrical components, plumbing, heating and more
  • Cost-effective maintenance that helps extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce long-term expenses
  • Customisable PPM plans based on the needs and specifications of your building or assets

Regulatory and statutory compliance

Understanding all the ins and outs of combined standards and regulations can be challenging. With Sherwoods in your corner, we’ll guide and work with you to ensure your building and its essential assets can stay compliant effortlessly. Our team is always fully up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations, ensuring you meet legal requirements and operate safely.

Alongside specific legal compliance, regulations, and health and safety directives, Sherwoods works to the Service and Facilities Group standard, commonly known as SFG20. This framework is the industry standard for all building and asset maintenance. It allows us to easily manage planned or preventative maintenance to keep your building and essential systems fully operational and compliant. Our compliance commitment includes:

  • Thorough audits to identify and rectify potential issues
  • Regular updates to keep your facility aligned with evolving regulatory standards
  • Documentation and reporting to provide transparency and evidence of compliance
  • Dedicated support in case of regulatory changes or inspections

Our obligation to legal compliance and the SFG20 industry standards displays our commitment to complete risk management in everything we set out to achieve on your behalf. By ensuring accountability, liability, and responsibility at every level, you can have confidence that we help you stay compliant and safe while keeping your building and assets in optimal condition.

An image of a Sherwoods engineer testing electrical equipment